terres émues
dance nature & horses

Dance, live & create in the wild Pyreneen nature, with the elements & the horses (Merens) in the great vastness of theese *terres émues*...

Train your awareness & presence through meditation, shiatsu bodywork, contact improvisation, butoh dance & with encountering the horses in their natural environment. They teach you to be in the moment - calm, strong, attentive & ready to react.
Work on the borders of inner & outer worlds. Encounter the wilderness & the elements in dance research hikes along mountain torrents & crests. Let nature flow into your body. Awaken archaic movement qualities & new inspiration for solo & group creations.

We train in a beautiful new dance studio & on a mountain plateau within the herd. We sleep, cook & eat together in the comfy simple mountain farm.

4.5 days for research, solo & group creation & performance.
The last day is dedicated to a little performance for an open audience at the farm.

This laboratory is open to all those who would like to research the connection of their body, movement, dance theatre, nature, the elements, horses...
Major (18+) people of all levels are welcome. No previous experiences required. You will just need a good physic condition & curiosity. :)
The lodge and the intense work limits the number of participation to 12 persons!

Costs: 250€ 
plus accommodation in simple group rooms & food (vegetarian) 35€/day
EARLY BIRD: 220€ deposit payment before 2.8.

BOOKINGS: To book your place please fill in the inscription sheet & pay a deposit of 75€ (non refundable)

Karen Rémy (F/D) www.karenremy.de 
is a freelancing performer, certificated shiatsu practitioner & meditation guide.
since 2003 Karen works & researches in the fields of dance, physical theatre, site specific performance, body perception, self awareness, massage & meditation.
She specializes in awareness & dance in nature.


Impressions of terres émues I - III (July & October 2013, July 2014)

In this play of fragility the body lives through multiple metamorphoses. 
Listening to the contact, the interior & the exterior.
This laboratory is addressed to all those who want to experiment & confront themselves with their body & the space in dance theatre & performance.

Inspired by the environment we dive into the archaic root of our bodies. It is strong, authentic,  meanwhile a paradox & grotesque.

 It is rooted in the profound – the side that is animalistic, mystique & close to nature – not in the known & civilised one.

We search for the access to the archaic body, in contact with the elements & animals.

Old rehearsal space & mountain plateau with horses...


Moments of training as well as free time, solo & group creations

Plateau du Girel & Ferme Équestre Cavalus, Le Ramé, Biert France(09)

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